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•  Drag Challenge 2024 Gardermoen  

Drag Challenge 2024 Gardermoen
Drag Challenge 2024 Gardermoen
Organizer:   Norsk Dragracing Gardermoen 
Track:   Gardermoen Raceway  
Race date: 2024-08-01 - 2024-08-04
Last registration: 2024-07-21
Please read information BEFORE making the entrance for the Event.

PIT SPACE: This is only for trailer, bus, camping car with tent. It is not for private cars! Organizer reserves the right to reduce pit space according to class. PLEASE READ DOCUMENT BELOW! For pit planning purposes it is required that each team gives correct space requirements when filling out the entry form. ADDITIONAL SPACE FOR EXTRA MOBILE HOMES will be provided at a cost of 1200 NOK /unit. .
Fire extinguisher: 6 kg

(144 teams registered)

•  Event details

Top Fuel Dragster 
Top Methanol Dragster 
Top Methanol Funny Car 
Pro Stock Car 
Pro Modified Car 
Top Fuel Bike 
Super Twin Top Fuel Bike 
Pro Stock Bike 
Super Street Bike 
Pro Comp Bike 
Top Doorslammer 
Competition Eliminator 
Pro Street 
Super Comp 
Super Street 
Super Gas 
Super Pro ET 
Pro ET 
Super Comp Bike 
Super Gas Bike 
Snow Mobile Pro Stock 
Classic Dragbike 
Small Tire Stock Suspension 
ET Street Bike 
Junior Dragster 
Juniorbike JBA 
Juniorbike JBB 
Junior Bike Rekrutt 

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810_Supplementary Regulations.pdf
810_Welcome to Drag Challenge.pdf
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