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•  2024 EDRS Drivers & Riders Club  

2024 EDRS Drivers & Riders Club
2024 EDRS Drivers & Riders Club
Organizer:   Speedgroup Aktiebolag 
Race date: 2024-01-31 - 2024-12-31
Last registration: 2024-07-31
Summit Racing EDRS Series http://www.edrsdragracing.com info@speedgroup.eu

(Event details)

•  Competitors
Pro Modified Car (2)
Andreas Arthursson Chevrolet Chevelle -69 
Jere Rantaniemi Chevrolet Camaro SS -16 
Competition Eliminator (1)
Niklas Heikkilä Pontiac GTO 
Pro Street (2)
Renate Rosén Skinne Oldmobile Cutlass 
Mauritz Rådberg Camaro-69 
Super Gas (1)
Christer Uhlin Ford Fairlane 500 
Super Pro ET (3)
Wilma Andersson Worthy race car dragster  
Mats Arntzen Wanvik Pontiac firebird 
Pontus Garefelt Mullis Racecar 
Junior Dragster (1)
Lina Andersson mike bos 
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