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•  EDRS PRO MC Championship 2022  

EDRS PRO MC Championship 2022
EDRS PRO MC Championship 2022
Organizer:   Speedgroup Aktiebolag 
Race date: 2022-12-31
Last registration: 2022-12-31
Championship website www.edrspro.com
Championship registration is mandatory to receive runningtravel compensation
Entry to individual events are made via dragracing.eu
Contact: info@speedgroup.eu

(Event details)

•  Competitors
Top Fuel Motorcycle (4)
Jan Sturla Hegre Kawasaki/Puma 
Aku Lantto Harsh Top Fuel Twin EFI 
Thomas Pettersson Suzuki 
Jaska Salakari Harsh FuelTech TFB  
Super Twin Mororcycle (5)
Greger Johansson Blower Cat 
Samu Kemppainen Nitro V60 
Torsti Kettula DDR Nitro Der Alte Fuchs 
Marko Lantto Nitro V60 EFI 
Julia Wagner Super Twin 
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