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•  Andreas Gustavsson     •
Driver:  Andreas Gustavsson  
Age: 31

Brand:  Volvo Amazon
Class: Bracket
Built in: 2022
Built by: Go Trading AB
Chassis: 8.50
Body: Plast
Color: Svart
Painted by: Go Trading AB
Fuel: E85
Poweradder: Turbo
Volvo Amazon
Motor: Volvo B230
Volume: 2300
Block: B230
Heads: 531 PMM
Pistons: Original
Crankshaft: Original
Fuel pump: Bosch 044
Gearbox: TH350
Rear end: Volvo 1031
Michael Gustavsson   
Age: 55 

Daniel Banck Mood   
Age: 36 

Daniel  Johansson   
Age: 29 
Go Trading AB

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