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•  Indy Lyrén   (Surahammar)   •
Driver:  Indy Lyrén  
City: Surahammar  
Age: 9
Driver since...: 2022

Brand:  JR Dragster
Class: Junior Dragster
Poweradder: None
JR Dragster
Motor: Briggs LO206
Brand:  Lyrén Motorsport dragbike
Class: Junior Bike Rekrutt , Junior Dragbike , JR Bike
Poweradder: None
Lyrén Motorsport dragbike
Kalle  Lyrén  Role:  Crew Chief 
Age: 36 

Jessica  Lyrén   
Age: 40 

Malin Lyrén   
Age: 56 

Roger  Lyrén   
Age: 59 

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