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•  Margot Klingh   (Iggesund)   •
Driver:  Margot Klingh  
City: Iggesund  
Age: 58
Club:  DRC Ljusdal

Brand:  T 23 Altered
Class: Vintage A , SVDA
Built in: 2016
Built by: Jan-erik Klingh
Chassis: Old FC
Body: T 23
Color: Purple
Painted by: Jan-erik Klingh
Fuel: Metanol
Poweradder: None
Best ET: 5,45
Best speed: 220,56
T 23 Altered
Motor: Cheva 350
Gearbox: PG
Rear end: Ford 9
Jan-erik  Klingh   
City:  IGGESUND      
Age: 60 

Linus Letzelter   
City:  IGGESUND      
Age: 25 

Frida  Klingh   
City:  IGGESUND      
Age: 26 

Ida Letzelter   
Age: 31 

Roland  Nilsson   
Age: 68 

Bengt Hansson   
Age: 57 

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