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•  Janne Söderqvist   (PORI FINLAND)   •
Driver:  Janne Söderqvist  
Age: 57
Driver since...: 1993
Start no. of Year.:  1810

Brand:  Pontiac Trans Am
Class: Super Gas , Super Pro ET
Fuel: VP
Poweradder: None
Pontiac Trans Am
Motor: BBC
Volume: 565 cid
Block: Dart Big M
Heads: Dart Big Chief
Pistons: Wiseco
Crankshaft: Callies
Fuel pump: BG400
Gearbox: Simuna Glide PG
Rear end: Mark Williams
Brand:  Camaro 67
Class: Pro ET , Super Pro ET
Fuel: Pump Gas
Poweradder: None
Best ET: 9,2
Best speed: 238
Camaro 67
Motor: BBC 582
Block: DART Big M
Heads: AFR385
Pistons: Diamond
Crankshaft: Callies
Fuel pump: Magnafuel
Gearbox: Simuna Glide
Rear end: Ford 9
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Harri  Forsten   

Markku Lahoniitty   

Jarno Salonen   
Autohuolto Söderqvist

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