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•  Jonny Lagg   (Boxholm)   •
Driver:  Jonny Lagg   (2013)
City: Boxholm  
Age: 66
Driver since...: 1981 - 1985 / 2013
Team member since:  2013
Club:  SHRA Mantorp
Start no. of Year.:  5307

Brand:  NGK A-Fuel Dragster
Class: Top Methanol , Top Methanol Dragster
Built in: 1999-2002
Built by: Krister Johansson
Color: Gul
Fuel: Nitro
Poweradder: None
Best ET: 5,27
Best speed: 443
NGK A-Fuel Dragster
Motor: BAE
Volume: 433
Block: BAE
Heads: allan jonson
Pistons: JE
Crankshaft: Bryant
Clutch: Molinari
Gearbox: NONE
Rear end: chrisman
Krister  Johansson  Role:  crewshief 

Rolf Andersson   

Anders Höjner   

Glenn  Read   

Lars  Lindqvist   

Tim Read   
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