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•  Mathias Färm   (Örebro)   •
Driver:  Mathias Färm Team: Killersnake Racing 
City: Örebro  
Age: 49
Club:  Gunroad
Start no. of Year.:  4952

Brand:  Ford Mustang Mach 1
Class: Stock/Super Stock
Built by: Lennart Thoresson, Mathias Färm
Color: Yellow
Fuel: VP 109
Poweradder: None
Ford Mustang Mach 1
Motor: Blair Patric 428 CJ
Gearbox: C4, Joels On Joy
Stefan Atterling  Role:  Tech 
Age: 53 

Pernilla  Evaldsson   
Age: 55 

Josef  Gunnarsson   
Age: 46 

Simo Kiviniemi  Role:  Crew 
Age: 40 
Team member since:  2010
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